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The contract between STELIA Aerospace and Airbus for the cockpits of the entire A320 family is renewed

The contract between STELIA Aerospace and Airbus for the furnishing of the cockpits of the entire A320 family has just been renewed. This contract includes both fitting out and furnishing. This signature extends STELIA Aerospace’s position in the cockpit furnishing segment, since the entry into service of the A320 family (STELIA Aerospace has delivered over 7,000 shipsets since the launch of the programme in 1982). STELIA Aerospace’s industr...
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STELIA Aerospace launches its connected pilot seat

STELIA Aerospace currently delivers some 2,500 pilot sets each year, among which the seats for all the Airbus aircraft. 25,000 STELIA Aerospace pilot seats are currently in service over the world, and since the start, some 40,000 seats have been delivered, always 100% on time and quality. In order to improve its products through a better understanding of their use and to offer new functions to airlines and their pilots, STELIA Aerospace launched...
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Record delivery of Airbus nose fuselage sections by STELIA Aerospace in 2016 and first quarter 2017

STELIA Aerospace delivered a record 753 nose fuselage sections to its customer Airbus in 2016. The deliveries represent 559 nose fuselage sections for the single-aisle (A320) family, 127 for the long-range (A330 / A350 XWB) family, 22 for the A380 and 20 for the A400M. The trend continues in 2017, since STELIA Aerospace has already delivered 237 nose fuselage sections to Airbus in the first quarter. The STELIA Aerospace site in Méaul...
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