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Composites & innovation: STELIA Aerospace presents
the «Arches Box TP » project, exclusively at Paris International Airshow
22 June 2017

In forty years, High Performance organic composite (HP) based on carbon fibre has become essential in civil aircraft aerostructures, representing today over 50% of the total weight of a last generation aircraft such as the A350 XWB or the B787. Among its benefits: faster implementation cycles, excellent properties in terms of fire / smoke resistance and toxicity, and easier recycling.

A key player in the aerostructures field, STELIA Aerospace participates in many research platforms with its partners and his historical customer Airbus, through R&T projects, in collaboration with the CORAC (Council for Research in Civil Aeronautics) and many French IRTs (Institute of Research and Technology).

Therefore, in order to be always more performing in terms of accompanying its customer’s future requests, STELIA Aerospace has invested several million euros since two years in the « Arches Box TP » project, within the CORAC platform, along with five partner companies, all experts in the thermoplastic structure field (PORCHER Industries, AVIACOMP, the CETIM in Nantes, Groupe Institut de Soudure and SINTEX NP*).

Using STELIA Aerospace’s R&T infrastructures in Méaulte (SteliaLab), this project led to the development of a generic thermoplastic structure demonstrator, enabling a first internal evaluation of these technologies in an actual industrial context.

Thermoplastic, thanks to its fast implementation and the projections in terms of cost reductions, allows the realisation of composite solutions which are more performing than the current ones, and are more adapted to the strong rates of the future programmes.

Cédric Gautier, STELIA Aerospace CEO, said: “STELIA Aerospace partnered with the main French actors in the field of thermoplastic composites, in order to create a demonstrator which will facilitate the development of these new materials in the coming years, and will once more demonstrate the French excellence in research ».

The « Arches Box TP » project is premiered at Paris International Airshow at Le Bourget, on the STELIA Aerospace booth (booth A254, Hall 2A).
Each year, STELIA Aerospace invests some 25 million euros in R&T.


*Porcher Industries: specialising in thermoplastic materials; AVIACOMP: an SME supplying thermoplastic parts for Airbus and Bombardier; CETIM in Nantes: Technical Centre for Mechanical Industries; Institut de Soudure Group; SINTEX NP Group: specialising in metal and plastics processing and plastronics,



With a turnover of 2,1 billion euros and 6,600 employees worldwide ( 4,500 in France, 600 in North America and 1,500 in Tunisia and Morocco), STELIA Aerospace is one of the world leaders in the field of aerostructures, pilot seats and Business class and First class passenger seats.
STELIA Aerospace designs and manufactures the front fuselage sections for the entire Airbus family, as well as fuselage sections and specific sub-assemblies for Airbus, fully equipped wings for ATR, fully equipped central fuselages for Bombardier’s Global7000, and complex metallic and composite aerostructure parts for Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Northrop-Grumman…



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