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STELIA Aerospace designs and produces large equipped fuselage sections and wings for civil and military aircraft manufacturers. With more than 4500 composite, metal or hybrid sub-assemblies delivered in 2019, STELIA Aerospace supports the major aeronautical players with innovating global solutions.

A long-term risk-sharing partner, STELIA Aerospace has all the skills to intervene at each step of the programme. From “Design & Build” or “Built to Print” through to customer support, STELIA Aerospace provides maximum value according to the required package and this right through to the “Plug & Fly” concept for equipped and tested aerostructures.

To satisfy its customers, STELIA Aerospace relies on the technical expertise of the 600 engineers in its Design Office and its 14 centres of excellence both in and outside France. Its global presence, close to manufacturers or in “best cost” areas gives it great reactivity and makes it fully competitive in its tenders.

In Méaulte, Picardy, after more than one year of transformation and an investment of 70 M€, STELIA Aerospace inaugurated its new aeronautical factory of the future, specializing in aerostructure assembly, mainly for the front fuselages of Airbus aircraft and the central fuselage for Bombardier’s Global e7500, and becomes one of the most modern plants in Europe.


Three main types of operational expertise

STELIA Aerospace offers in-house specific expertise in three differentiating and competitive aerostructure activities.

A significant Tubes & Pipes production activity
Design and build solutions covering all ATA systems, ranging from fuel to hydraulics and fire suppression

  • Broad range of technologies and material
  • Integrated processes, from design to manufacturing
  • Reverse engineering solutions for spares

From composite elementary parts to assembly of sub-assemblies
With its four industrial facilities specialising in composites and the skills of its 1150 employees in this field, STELIA Aerospace offers a wide range of fuselage parts and equipment.

  • Cutting edge composite technologies
  • Large range of qualifications, in particular on the helicopter and defence markets

A unique technology worldwide: mechanical milling of 2D and 3D panels
For complex and large scale panels, STELIA Aerospace offers:

  • An alternative to chemical milling of panels,
  • Prospects for the machining of new materials.








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