Pilot seats

Flying a new experience

Joint world leader on the pilot seat market, STELIA Aerospace offers support from design to production, including after-sales service. Offering high-performance, comfortable and ergonomic seats for aeroplanes and helicopters, STELIA Aerospace meets the requirements of the commercial, business, regional, military aircraft and helicopter segments..


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A wide product range:

Comfortable, ergonomic, reliable and safe seats

Commercial aircraft (FAR 25)

All Airbus aircraft fly with cockpit seats designed and manufactured by STELIA Aerospace.

Business aircraft (FAR 23 and FAR 25)

STELIA Aerospace designs and manufactures a wide range of pilot seats combining comfort and high performance, from the most basic to the most sophisticated model.

Helicopters (FAR 27 and FAR 29)

STELIA Aerospace has unique know-how to design and manufacture cockpit and cabin seats for all possible helicopter configurations. Our seats equip Airbus Helicopter’s civil and military helicopters.

Military aircraft

Our military seats meet the most stringent requirements in terms of dynamics, vibration and reduced vulnerability.

Other products

We also supply bench seats for crew rest areas, jump seats and troop seats, etc.




R&D and innovation

e_siege cockpit A400M

Imagining the next generation of pilot seats

Such is the task of STELIA Aerospace’s R&D and innovation team of 30 engineers. Their research work focuses on both products and processes:


  • Increased reliability and safety
  • Improved ergonomics by integrating functions facilitating flight for the pilot
  • Enhanced pilot comfort
  • Innovating rest position
  • Reduced weight
  • Attractive design


  • Dynamic and static vibration simulations to optimise design, reliability and safety
  • Collaborative R&D projects

Customer support and services

In the framework of its commitment to excellence, STELIA Aerospace offers its customers and operators round-the-clock (24/7) advanced support – worldwide and throughout the entire life cycle of its products.

Contact : customer.support@stelia-aerospace.com



  • Airbus SFE Best Industrial Performance – On-Time Delivery (OTD) / On-Quality Delivery (OQD) – Supplier 2010, 2013 & 2014
  • Airbus Helicopters Supplier 2013


  • Airbus SFE Top 10 Supplier and Excellent Performance for Customer Support for the last five years
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