Key programmes


STELIA Aerospace produces and equips entirely, in Canada, the front and aft fuselage sections of the aircraft.

A320 family

STELIA Aerospace provides the entire front fuselage section for all of the Airbus single-aisle family.

A330 family

STELIA Aerospace manufactures the central fuselage section as well as the nose section.

A350 family

STELIA Aerospace produces the front fuselage section and the main landing gear box for the A350, demonstrating its expertise in composite and hybrid materials.


STELIA Aerospace designs, manufactures and equips (electric, hydraulic… systems) the entire front fuselage for the BelugaXL including the cargo door, one of the largest in the world.


STELIA Aerospace manufactures fully equipped and tested wingsets for these two turbop aircraft.

Global 7500

Thanks to its strong footprint in Canada, STELIA Aerospace designs, produces and equips (electric, hydraulic… systems) the central fuselage section for Bombardier’s business jet.


STELIA Aerospace is involved in the production of the central fuselage panels for Dassault’s 7X/8X program.


STELIA Aerospace builds on new innovative processes based on digital continuity, from design to production, to develop and provide four aerostructure sub-assemblies for the central fuselage section of this aircraft (lower shell, aft fuel tank, upper section of the fuselage and emergency exit door).


For the military market, STELIA Aerospace designs and produces the front section and the rear access ramp for the A400M, equipped with their functional hydraulic and electric systems.


Thanks to its expertise in the use of composite materials, STELIA Aerospace manufactures specific sub-assemblies for the helicopter market, for example the entire structure of Guimbal’s Cabri.