Join the « Industry of the Future » adventure today!
7 September 2021

STELIA Aerospace aims at positioning the French aeronautics industry as the world leader, by transforming it around 4 axes:

  • Environment (carbon neutrality, green aircraft…)
  • A reliable and integrated supply chain
  • Quality of deliverables
  • A flexible and technically and economically performing industrial system

Of course, the human being is at the center of our « Industry of the Future » strategy in order to carry out the transformations and bring the necessary added value to our production system.


Join the « Industry of the Future » adventure today!

Positions are open within our teams in Rochefort, Saint-Nazaire, Méaulte and Toulouse, France. New vacancies will be open in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Vacancies on our sites in : Toulouse, Méaulte, Saint-Nazaire & Rochefort

Vacancies on our site in Saint-Nazaire


And for more information about the Industry of the Future, take a look at the videos on our Youtube channel:

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