Our values

Bringing STELIA Aerospace’s ambitions to fruition

We are convinced that the women and men of STELIA Aerospace contribute to the company’s success: their actions result in our customers’ satisfaction, team engagement and high collective performance. The six values of STELIA Aerospace enable us to support the company’s ambitions.


We are passionate and proud to build, equip and install our client’s products. This energy drives our capacity to meet challenges with a positive attitude.


Our company has great ambitions, numerous challenges lie ahead of us. Choosing to make decisions and act as a team will be essential to our success.


Giving everyone the chance to broaden and develop skills in a welcoming environment contributes to our company’s longevity.


Our professionalism and our reliability make us the true partners of our external and internal clients. Client confidence is indispensable to our growth.


To build our future, we need to develop new products and rethink the way we work. There are no “minor” innovations. Every one of us can make suggestions and act at the individual level to make continuous improvements.


Faced with a perpetually evolving market, we must learn to adapt in real time. Being reactive and taking initiative will be essential to standing out from the competition.

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