Press review

Fly with Brian
2 February 2024

We are proud to share one of STELIA frequent flyers story!

Brian had many opportunities to enjoy our SYMPHONY seat with Singapore Airlines and has agreed to share his experience with us.

“I travel between 3 and 4 times a year and I am very familiar with the SYMPHONY seat. I think it’s a fantastic product and perfect for short flights in Asia. My favorite design feature of the seat is, of course, the large wing design that wraps around the seat for ultimate privacy. The fabric inner lining of the shell is great for noise reduction and adds a sense of quiet luxury to the seat. Even though sometimes it makes it difficult to view out the window. In terms of storage space, the crew puts the headphones and water inside the compartment, which leaves very little space for my belongings. Perhaps a small storage compartment next to the television would be ideal for future design. Overall, the SYMPHONY seat is a very good product!”

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