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STELIA Aerospace introduces OPERA® ESSENTIAL: A sustainable addition to the OPERA® family
28 May 2024

STELIA Aerospace announces the launch of OPERA® ESSENTIAL, the latest addition to its acclaimed OPERA® family, meticulously crafted to align with eco-design principles. This pioneering solution sets a new standard for sustainability in aviation while continuously delivering unparalleled comfort and luxury to passengers.

The aeronautics industry stands on the cusp of transformative change, bracing itself for
significant challenges in the imminent future as it confronts the imperative of climate change.
Embracing this shift and breaking new grounds, STELIA Aerospace presents a revolutionary
concept — a sustainable, entirely autonomous seat, responsive to the passenger’s movements.

Culminating from two years of a thorough lifecycle analysis and environmental impact
assessment inspired by its elder sibling OPERA® SA, (Single-Aisle) the design approach of
OPERA ®ESSENTIAL gravitates around 4 key pillars: Mass optimisation, streamlined
electrical components, incorporation of recycled and recyclable materials, all while upholding
the luxurious comfort of a Business Class Long Range seat.

This new design notably includes the removal of the electrical actuator and the ECU, which
not only reduces the seat weight and its environmental impact, but also offers passengers full control of their comfort, with an infinite number of positions and a faster switchover to full flat-
bed mode.

“At STELIA Aerospace, we are not only engineers but also stewards of the environment. Our
ambition with OPERA® ESSENTIAL is to offer a sustainable Premium seating solution that
exceeds both passenger expectations and industry standards,” said Thierry Kanengieser, VP
Cabin Interior at STELIA Aerospace. “By prioritising environmental responsibility and
passenger comfort, we are redefining the future of air travel.”
STELIA Aerospace is committed to creating innovative seats with minimal impact on the
planet, supporting global efforts towards sustainability while providing an exceptional
passenger experience.

Key features of OPERA® ESSENTIAL include:
● Sustainable Design: Inspired by the imperative of sustainability,
OPERA ®ESSENTIAL is meticulously crafted to minimise environmental impact while
maximising passenger comfort and experience. From thermoset to thermoplastics composite shells, and bio leather introduction, every component of OPERA® ESSENTIAL is carefully selected for its environmental impact, promoting circularity and recycling.
● Weight Reduction: Through advanced engineering and design, OPERA® ESSENTIAL boasts a 30% reduction in weight compared to OPERA® SA, ensuring a premium experience and more living space, while minimising fuel consumption and emissions.
● Fast Kinetic Principle: OPERA® ESSENTIAL features a patented, dynamic system that eliminates unnecessary cables and electronics, making it fully autonomous and environmentally efficient while offering an infinity of positions and a seamless comfort.
● Drastic Reduction of Maintenance costs, due to less parts and electronics.
● Optimised comfort, with a spacious full flat-bed offering plenty of living space, a direct window view and a sizable ottoman.

STELIA Aerospace remains dedicated to driving innovation in aircraft interiors, offering
sustainable solutions that elevate the travel experience for passengers worldwide while
delivering maximum profitability and eco-efficiency to airlines.

Visit STELIA Aerospace’s booth at AIX 2024 to discover how STELIA shapes the future of
aircraft interiors, combining innovation, luxury and eco-efficiency.


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